This in unofficial website with information in Slovenian language for promotion of Keshe Foundation. The site is managed by Valentin Rozman who is from year 2000 actively elevating his soul and creating peace on this world. His contacts:

Cell phone: +386 41 756 753
E-mail: info@keshefoundation.si
Personal web site: http://valentinrozman.si

The content with information in Slovenian language will be added to this website gradually as we progress with translations. If you need to contact official Keshe Foundation representatives, send a message or visit the website as listed bellow:

E-mail: pr@keshefoundation.org
Web site: http://keshefoundation.org

Or you can send a message by clicking on the following link:
General Contact Form of the Keshe Foundation International Support

History of Keshe tech in Slovenia

Valentin Rozman firstly noticed Keshe information in year 2015 via Facebook post about the 3rd Ambassadors Meeting in Rome. After making a search if someone from Slovenia is already involved in Keshe technology he discovered the Keshe Foundation SSI Slovenia Facebook group. After noticing that there were no new posts in the group for many months and since none of the administrators who all had fake profiles responded to his message, he decided to create a new Keshe Foundation Slovenia group in November 2015. His friend Blaž Cegnar and him started to experiment with creation of Magrav device however they did not managed to complete it due to unclearity about many variables. In March 2015 they discovered the web site of the Blue Planet Society that sold Magrav coils and casings. They visited their manufacturing fascility near Maribor city and become friends with the producer who is also a carpenter thus the wooden casings for the copper coils.

In May 2016 a Slovenian web store for Keshe products was opened by Luka Pintarič that become good personal friend with Valentin and Blaž. In June 2016 the application was sent by Valentin to the Keshe Foundation in order to officially establish the Keshe Foundation Slovenia. He started to communicate with Brett Bagget from the Keshe Fundation USA however the opening of KF Slovenia was denied for undisclosed reasons. In that month some anonimous guys from Slovenia also created a web site with links to Keshe information however they do not plan to do any translations.

With the beginning of year 2017 Valentin decided to start with systematically listening of Knowledge Seekers, Kids Knowledge Seekers and Health Teaching workshop recordings. In March 2017 Blaž purchased the PainPad in order to be tested by his grandmother who had pain in the back. In April 2017 Valentin decided to create also the Keshe Foundation Slovenia Facebook page and this web site. Then Valentin sent an email to MT Keshe with suggestion to research the solution for peace of the Desteni group which both Blaž and him are active members from year 2000. Several days later Valentin also sent the application to become a KF volunteer and representative of Slovenian language at the Universal Council. He sent the friend request to Carolina De Roose who is the wife of MT Keshe and she added him to the Universal Council English Language Facebook group chat.

Valentin is now in the communication with Flint Muhlhausen from the Spaceship Institute in order to establish collaboration. Since Valentin was formerly working as freelance graphic designer, professional photographer and is also quite good in basic WordPress website creation, he is making many effords to spread the information about Keshe technology in Slovenia. Blaž and him also developed a learning software called Flasher for fast and effective storing of the words into long term memory of the human brain. In May 2017 this tool became available for learning of Slovenian vocabulary. Soon it will be also ready for English language and that will assist everyone to learn from original Keshe body of knowledge much faster.

There are talks in progress between Blue Planet Society and Valentin in order to organise the first Keshe workshop in Slovenian language. And there is a small fascility being build near home of Valentin to continue experimenting with Keshe technology. Long term plan of Valentin is to buy a large peace of land where a society of people would live together, grow food and develop a Keshe factory. Such agenda will be able to manifest as soon as the peaceful debt-free non-cypto Spurt currency will become exchangable. This is because Valentin is also leading promoter of this currency in Slovenia and has earned substantial amount of Spurt digital money. All who want to become a part of such society in Slovenia will be required to actively engage in the process of purifying their minds in order to prevent any misconduct and abuse of the Keshe technology. And final step of course is to construct the spaceships and use them to travel deep space.

Update on May 19, 2017
Valentin sent an email to Keshe Foundation Webmaster in order to volunteer as producer of interviews with leaders in Slovenia for the KF Peace Channel.

Update on May 20, 2017
Peace Roadmap in Slovenian language has been added to this website and Mailing List Signup Form has been added to the website and to KF Slovenia Facebook page.